Mama Needs a Break!

I’d like to imagine that every day I have time to sit down like this–with a good cup of coffee, the word of God, and some quiet.  But I don’t.  I maybe could if I got up at 5am, but that is not really my forte.  Instead, every day I find myself longing for a moment like this.  Quiet.  Coffee that is still hot, not cold from sitting on the counter too long while I get kids dressed, bake some goodies, clean up the latest disaster.  Although I love my family and I love being around them, there is a very introverted part of me that is sadly, sadly neglected.  Getting out for some exercise often helps, but it’s still not that quiet, uninterrupted time where I can think, pray, read.

I realize not every mom may need these still moments as much as I do, but we do all need time alone.  How do you find it?  Keep in mind that my husband also works from home, so there are a lot of bodies trying to do their own thing at any given moment in my home.  Nap times are often my only chance to exercise, cook without interruption, or run a quick errand.   Evenings after the kids are in bed are saved for the opportunity to hang out, talk, and connect with my hubby.  Is 5am my only chance at solitude?  Any suggestions, Mamas?