Just As I Am

It takes a lot to put together all the words that we use to identify ourselves….we say things like “I am a stay at home mom,” or “I’m a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend.” We define ourselves in reference to our hobbies, “I am a photographer, a runner, a reader, a thinker,” or “I wish I was a better writer, a better cook, a musician of any ability.”  We talk about what we enjoy, “I love to laugh!  I love good music that gets into my soul.  I love to watch documentaries.  I love wit.  I love to learn about the world.”  I can tell you all these things about me and you may have an idea of who I am.  But ultimately it comes down to the fact that you cannot know me and I cannot know myself without the Cross.  I am a sinner, the worst of sinners, who has been saved by grace.  And every day I live with this very truth stamped on my heart and my mind.  This very truth that puts every other thing in my life in perspective.  So here’s some perspective….