Going Private

I’m considering switching my blog to a private setting where a person has to be “invited” in order to read the posts.  I’d certainly invite anyone that requests an invite……  does anyone have any initial thoughts on private blogs?  I know that I check private blogs a little less frequently than public blogs (because those can be added to my google reader), but are there any other downfalls to private settings?  Because I live in a small town and because I want to be honest and transparent, I do worry a bit that anyone could potentially find this blog and read my honesty and feel hurt.  I’d be interested in hearing any experience–good or bad–that could help me make this decision!  Thanks!


One thought on “Going Private

  1. I do have both – a public and a private blog. I am such a journaler (is that a real word?) and so I ended up making a private blog so that I could “journal” from wherever I was, no paper needed. You can be a bit more candid on a private blog, which it sounds like is your point. Whatever you do, I’m requesting an “invite” if you go private 🙂

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