Anything does have a price

Sometimes I will do anything to have a little extra time with my hubby.  We each have full days and are usually exhausted at the end.  I’m trying to be more intentional about doing whatever it takes to squeeze in time for just the two of us.  I wish that meant I was planning fun dates or exciting travels, but the reality of it is that a good 10 minutes uninterrupted by kids or work or responsibilities is a blessing lately.  There are always times like that.

When our schedules get busy this time of year, I keep one little trick in my back pocket: The Great Outdoors.  With a warm April in full swing, I figured out a way this week to make our schedules line up so that the whole family could steal a little time in the canoe one afternoon.  It meant my hubby working late and me pulling more weight around the house at the end of the day, but so worth it.  And I love that it invigorates my husband and gives him the ability to keep on keepin’ on.  Who can keep plucking away on a computer day after day when the sun is shining and warm weather is here?

This week he has been working well into the evenings.  It happens once in awhile.  We’re lucky to have him working from home so that even when he isn’t able to unplug from the computer, he can still take short breaks for meals with us and at the very least, we can catch a glimpse of his face during a heavy workload.  I know too many families don’t have that privilege, and so I cherish it and don’t take it for granted.  But we’re still lacking in time together as a couple.  Sometimes I find myself eager to just be around him, even if it means staying up late along with him and doing my own thing (laundry, reading, blogging,etc)….maybe even in the same room if we’re lucky!  I want to be willing to do anything to just be near him and be able to end the day together.

Today my five year old asked me, “Are you tired?  You look tired.”  (What the heck?!)  I asked her if she thought I was acting tired or if my face looked tired.  She responded, “Your face looks tired.  You should take a nap.”  I guess being willing to do anything–even staying up late–has a price: a haggard look.  I didn’t get to take my little one’s advice today (a much needed nap!), but those extra hours last night when the kids were sleeping and we were able to just be together was totally worth it!

Quality time with your spouse can be hard to come by when you have little ones in the family.  What do you do to make time to connect on a regular basis with your husband?  What do you do when schedules are extra busy and time is extra tight?


2 thoughts on “Anything does have a price

  1. Lately I’ve been occasionally toughing out a day here and there where I let Jackson not nap — therefore both boys are exhausted and ready for bed early – like 7 or 7:30. We tuck them away and pray that Cora will follow their lead, but even if she doesn’t, its so nice to not have talking interruptions with Nate at a decent hour of the night, before we’re both too exhausted to mutter a word to each other! 🙂 That’s the only thing I’ve done, so far, but I have the luxury of him not working ALL day!

  2. extra HOURS the other night, eh????? what does one do with their husband for HOURS?!?!?!? 😉

    we actually walk, with the family. Even though we aren’t “alone” per-say, they don’t talk to us b.c the older 3 are riding bikes ahead of us and the younger 2 are quietly enjoying the stroller ride. And the other good thing is that the kids THINK it’s family time =) haha
    we trick them like that

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