Faith to Begin the Journey

About three years ago, some friends of ours decided to take their two oldest children out of public school and make the transition to homeschooling.  We have always deeply respected these friends as a couple, as parents, and as believers.  We listened to their reasons (stemming from their children’s request to be homeschooled) and we took their advice to heart: “Start praying about the school decision now.  It might seem like a long time away, but it will be here before you know it.”  And here it is…..our daughter is five years old and we’ve been praying about this decision for three years.  We’ve gone back and forth.  At times, homeschooling appeared to be nothing less than a sure ticket into the insane asylum for me.  When our little preschooler told us repeatedly that she wanted to go to the school that we can see through our backyard, we prayed more and sought more wisdom from godly friends.  We even put her in a public preschool this year to give us more experience and wisdom.

So here we sit, practically on the eve of the journey (a new school year begins in about 4 1/2 months!).  We feel confident of our decision to homeschool.  We attended the MACHE conference this last weekend and feel both better equipped and more encouraged.  And so, with faith, we begin the journey that we feel called to–at least for this season.

As we begin, I almost daily have to tell myself to ignore the people who doubt, question, or are just plain shocked or repulsed at our decision.  Today I read a blog post about second-guessing (from the pastor of the church we attended when we lived in the Twin Cities–he has a great blog!)–I was strengthened in our prayerful decision to homeschool and also in my determination to ignore the nay-sayers.

Here is to keeping my mouth shut when faced with the doubters……oh, yes, and here is to faith for the journey (‘cuz I’m gonna need it!).


One thought on “Faith to Begin the Journey

  1. oh I hope you love it! I have not regretted sending Ella and Tate to public school this year, however, I did LOVE schooling her last year! I wonder if I will ever be homeschooling again??
    No matter how long you do it….love every minute of it!
    and give yourself grace
    and at least 6 months to get yourself into a groove of things! =)

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