Working it out

There are times in my life when my faith is weak.  I earnestly pray and figure God isn’t listening.  Or He needs some help.  Or convincing.  I get in the business of “doing” instead of “trusting.”  I have learned that it isn’t my faith or my lack of faith that makes things possible.  There are times when my faith is so, so small and yet God in His mercy makes a way.  It’s not my faith (weak and willy nilly as it can be) that makes things possible.  It’s not my “take charge and get ‘er done” attitude that makes things possible.  It is only the Lord who makes things possible.  The One whom I need to surrender to.

Last summer I found myself in a small tizzy.  We had begun the very serious conversation of planning to homeschool our then-four-year-old when she was kindergarten age.  My husband continued to make use of a spare bedroom as his office and our two other bedrooms were feeling tight.  By early fall I became convinced that we would need a new home within the next year in order to provide for the space needs of our family.  I honestly couldn’t comprehend how else we could make all of this work.  I began praying in earnest.  We even looked at a home that seemed SOOOO perfect.  But the more we considered the other options available, our current financial standing, and our uncertainty of where we were supposed to be living at all, we decided to just sit and wait.  As things slowed down for my husband’s business for a couple of months, I was grateful that we had remained where I still felt discontent.  And slowly, as I surrendered more and more of what qualified as a need and as a strong desire in heart, God began to take it away altogether.  Where it seemed like God was being a withholding Father, I realized that I was merely being a short-sided and selfish child.

What areas in your life are lacking faith in?  Your finances?  Your future?  Your marriage?  Your children?  The absence of one of those?  If you are like me, the areas in your life where you are doubting God’s ability to care for and provide for you are exactly the areas where you need to surrender to Him.   I’d love to be praying for you if you’d like to share where you are struggling right now.


One thought on “Working it out

  1. When it was just the TWO of us in the this small house, I was bound and determined to get out….it was TOO small

    now that we have 7 packed in here, I can’t imagine WHY I need more room =) haha

    I love when he changes OUR hearts and not HIS ways!

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