Might As Well Face It….

I’m addicted.  To caffeine.  It’s bad, my friends.  Worse than I realized–isn’t that the slippery slope that every addict goes down?  It started out innocently….a cup of coffee a day, maybe a soda for lunch.  Soon it was full-blown: I NEEDED at least two cups of coffee at breakfast and a soda in the afternoon.  That was just what I needed to function.  Anything else was a treat.

Six days ago, I decided to call it quits.  With my husband (a fellow addict) on board, we started our morning off with decaf.  We both did great.  Until about 1pm, when the pounding headaches started.  I fought mine off with a Mountain Dew AND some ibuprofen.  It has been the same every day since.  One day I survived the whole day without any caffeinated coffee or any caffeinated soda, but the next day woke up with the pounding headache. Nearly a week into it, I am still at one soda a day and hoping to be caffeine free and able to survive in another week or so.   Oh, and did I mention the other annoying side effect of “detoxing” from caffeine?  Ironically, for me it is insomnia!  I’m exhausted and still can’t sleep well!  I’ve heard it is a side effect, though, and hope to be back to blissful sleep soon.

The good news?  The anxiety attacks, heart palpitations, and chest pains that I have been struggling with for a couple of years have significantly decreased in just these 6 days.  So has the reflux and heartburn that has been haunting me lately.  It’s what keeps me going–being free of these things.  Oh, and the scary realization that my body was evidently SO hooked on a little bean.

Confession: I nearly licked my hands after holding these aromalicious beans for the picture.  Yum.


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