The Good Stuff

Often I use blogging as a journal–to get out all the stuff that adds up.  So I blog about the tough stuff.  But I really want to spend time thinking of the good things in my life….the ways I feel blessed, the ways God is growing me, the ways that He provides.  Today is a good day to do that–not because it was any better than any other day, but because it was just as normal as any other day.

I feel blessed by friendships.  Sometimes I go through lonely seasons, but lately God is giving me eyes to see all the amazing people I have in my life–family included!  I’m really blessed by friends that I am totally undeserving of.  Ladies that care for me in little ways, people that pray for me, friends who are there to listen and offer sound and godly wisdom.  SO thankful.

I am happy to say that while I feel like my life is frantic (which makes me grumpy), at the same time I have been feeling more content than ever with my life, my family, what I have, what I don’t have, who I am, who I’m not……it is a good place to be.  When I’m content, I find myself surprised by unexpected things (blessedly surprised because I wasn’t sitting around thinking of how much I wanted those things!).  As an example for you women out there who are wives: when I love my husband unconditionally and accept him for who he is (ahem, when I’m CONTENT!), I discover him to be more thoughtful, sweet, and considerate than if I’d been busy thinking of all the ways he could be a more sensitive or considerate husband.  When I am happy with who he is, I find myself blessed beyond measure by him. defines content in the following way:


1. satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else.

Strangely in a season of contentment (but not really strange at all when I think of how the Lord works), I also have been blessed by provisions lately.  Both things that I need and things that surpass my needs–truly blessings out of God’s abundant riches and mercies.  He has given me strength and energy when I am struggling to get through a busy day.  Perseverance in challenging situations.  Every day and every week and every month, I recognize how blessed I am to have the Lord provide for my daily physical needs…a home, food, clothing, transportation.  Recently we were blessed with provisions to buy a new ‘fridge in our kitchen.  Things that we could so easily take for granted (and sometimes I certainly do!), but things for which I do know I should be so, so thankful for.

And this week’s greatest good thing: a turnaround with my children.   They’ve been going through a tough stage–sickness and then yucky attitudes and actions…..discouraging things.  But thank the Lord that we have had a good week….a reminder that we do not, as parents, press on in vain, but that we press on towards a goal.  Seeing some fruits (both of our labors and of the Spirit!) in my young children is such a gift.

Jill Phillips has a song that I love….“The Good Things.” I listen to it and remember that I have so much to be grateful for and that so many of the difficult things I go through are changing me in ways that I cannot conceive right now, but changing me for good.  That’s the good stuff, folks.


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