Long Run Music

It’s Saturday morning, so I headed out for a longer run today.  (I will not confess to you how short my “long” run actually was….but I’m building up my mileage slowly, okay?!)  There are some songs that are great for a shorter run when you’re trying to get a good, fast pace going.  Then there are songs that work great for runs where the pace is a little slower and you have time to listen and enjoy the music, not just depend on it to pump you up and get you moving.  Today I enjoyed listening to Mat Kearney–both his newer album, “City of Black and White,” and the older album, “Nothing Left to Lose.”  I love his music and some of the songs are just right for a slow-paced run.

On a running note, I am only planning on running a 3 mile race this summer as part of a triathlon team.  Some days I fight the urge to train for something bigger…a half marathon or even a full again.  Today I had that running though my mind as I was running through the streets of my town.  But I resist…..that might be another post for another day…..


One thought on “Long Run Music

  1. Today I went out for a “long” bike ride and was thinking “Wow, so THIS is what my so-called-long-bike-rides are now?” Wimpy wimpy wimpy! I had to remind myself that it was my first real ride since last Fall. But still – shouldn’t I be able to pick right up where I left off???? 😉 Ugh – expectations.

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