Glimpses of Home

Emily from Chatting at the Sky is hosting a linky for today.  Her simple request: take a photo of a detail that says home to you.  This glimpse is of my dining table…the table that my family eats at for lunch and supper.  The table where we host loved ones, the small table that we squeeze guests around.  The table where my girls often do crafts, where I often pay bills.  A lot goes on around this table.  This jar is almost always sitting in the center of the table… is moved aside for big meals and for guests.  But it is almost always returned to its place.  So looking at it makes me think of my husband and children, good food, and the warmth and joy of friends and family sitting around our table.

Check out Emily’s post and peek at everyone else’s glimpse of home!


3 thoughts on “Glimpses of Home

  1. Many good memories around your table, and that is such a classic item in your house — I love it and it makes me think of you guys too! Wow, I miss you all!!

  2. love jars…absolutely love them. it’s really hard for me to even throw out ones that are leftover spaghetti or jam jars. they’re just so fun. anyway, all this to say…love your jar and all it represents.

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