Photo Assignment (#2)

“Photo club”….the monthly get together with two other mama/photographers….is tomorrow night.  So here I sit trying to finish up my work.

February’s assignment, which I’m finishing up now in March: storytelling with details.  I have decided to make an attempt to tell a little bit about each of my family members, starting with my youngest daughter.  A two-year-old with a personality all her own…..

Mischievious, for sure…….


Never lacking in energy……



She looks up to her big sister and likes to copy whatever she is doing (see sister’s pictures below to guess what she is imitating here…).


And, fortunately, she is the best sleeper….


My oldest child is unique in ways all her own.  Unfortunately, this last week has found her sick with croup and a nasty virus.  She doesn’t endure sickness very well, but one aspect of her personality that works great when she is sick is her ability to play contentedly and imaginatively all her by herself for long periods of time.  Here was what kept her entertained one afternoon:


Here is her curious/snoopy side, checking up on her little sister.  Can you see the dark and dull look around her eyes?  Those eyes tell how she is truly feeling and on this day, she felt pretty junky.


Since she was a baby, this girl has always been the child who gets extremely attached to people, various items and toys, and “needs.”  While sick this last week, a water bottle of water constantly at her side brought some comfort.  Her attachments change, but once I figure them out, I can usually work them for all they’re worth—for awhile at least!


And on her very worst day of feeling sick, I was relieved that she loves to tell stories and “journal” (by drawing pictures).  She made a picture of herself in bed, coughing with croup.  It’s pretty lifelike, for a four-year-old!


On to my husband……who cracks me up with goofiness…..


Who takes way more pictures than I do, but of things that I never think to capture…..


And who succumbed to the virus of the month at our house…..


That’s the story of my family, at least from the last couple of weeks.  A self-portrait this last month would have shown a tired, slightly frazzled, and emotionally bedraggled mother.  Thank goodness that was the previous assignment and I already had that one off the list!


2 thoughts on “Photo Assignment (#2)

  1. Oh, I love these pictures, and its really really making me miss your kids!! Poor Annika! She DOES look skinny and tall (even though she’s sitting in all of the pictures!)!! And Sofie looks so grown up and sweet!! Oh, I love them ALL!!

    Oh, and the ones of Dave were making me smile as well!!

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