Two for Two!

After a night in the emergency room with my four-year-old (not too serious once treated–a case of croup!), I feel entitled to some “no’s.”

The first one was hard because I look forward to it, but pretty easy to say because my friend is so understanding–I cancelled the weekly Bible study I do with my mentor.

The second was tough…..our youth pastor called and asked me to help out at Youth Group tonight.  These are the things that are really difficult for me to refuse.  Partly because I wouldn’t be hauling my sick kids around, so it sounds more like a lame excuse, but I still stood my ground and said that our family needed a couple of days close to home because of illness.  No blatant guilt trip followed, but in my mind I imagined how people might respond when they heard, “Oh, Sarah said she couldn’t do it because her kids have colds. (eyeroll).”  And then, guess what?!  I got over it!  I did it!  I said “NO” and I don’t feel like a piece of pond scum!


2 thoughts on “Two for Two!

  1. yeah for saying no! I am proud of you….and if you really thought it through from truths perspective, you would realize that if someone told YOU no b.c their family needed some rest, you would ENCOURAGE it!!

    so, assume others do the same for you =)

  2. Good job, Sarah!!!! And good advice from Miss, on assuming others think like you and be encouraging!!!! I like that one!!!! We tend to think on the negative side of things, and Miss has a very good point!!! Blessings for the day!!!

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