This Week in Running

I used to NEVER listen to music while running.  I had this old school train of thought about running and one of my guidelines was that “real runners don’t need music when they run.”  I ran for many, many years with only the sound of my own breath in my ears.  Running with a team or with friends was a special treat that made the miles go faster.  But music?  That was for the weak.

The only time I found it acceptable to run with music was on a treadmill because you had to block out the noise of all the other machines and other people around you at the gym.

Then one summer I trained for a marathon.  I began logging mile after mile with occasional company, but never music.  But somewhere in the months of training, I made an exception and decided that long runs (I think it was over 7 miles) qualified for music.  Oh, boy, did I notice how much faster the time went and how a great song could make for a great pace.  Some songs even got me pumped up enough that I was inspired to take down mile after mile with dignity!  And guess what, I got hooked.

These days, running without music is the rare exception.  I even log 3 milers with the mp3 player in hand.

This is my partner in running–a little mp3 player that we got for free or for little to nothing many years ago.  With our Rhapsody subscription, I can upload songs of choice.  I actually kind of like that I don’t “own” the songs because I get bored quickly and like to shake up the selection on a regular basis.  My husband won the iPod touch last year, but I still prefer this little thing based on size and based on the fact that if I drop it, I’m out nothing.

So this week’s highlighted running song?  Toby Mac’s song, “Funky Jesus Music,”  from his latest album, “Tonight.”  This song has a fun(ky) beat, which makes for a quick and springy pace.  My favorite part about running to this song?  Something in the rhythm goes SOOOOOOO well with my swishing and swinging ponytail.  That darn ponytail swaying back and forth usually drives me nuts on a run, but I confess that I may have picked up my pace and steps just enough to get that thing swinging to this song.   If you’ve succumbed to music while running like I have, give it a try!  Hope it makes you smile!


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