Hope, Strength and “No.”

We can start with the two-lettered word that is hard for me to say, especially to people I care about and especially to things that I enjoy.  Not long after my last post, a friend emailed asking if I would be available to come hang out during a nap time this week.  My friend lives very close and since my hubby works from home, sometimes it works for me to sneak out while the girls are sleeping.  This friend and I emailed back and forth to set up a day where this would work.  As I tossed and turned in bed that night, thinking of how non-stop every day was this week, I realized that I absolutely needed to protect those few precious moments that I have to myself.  I called her the next day and explained that with such a busy week, I just couldn’t do it.  I did it….I said no–to a good friend and to a good thing that I normally really look forward to!  Ugh!  (Thank you, Melissa, for your helpful comment full of suggestions and encouragement to say “no”!)

Fast forward to today…..feeling discouragement over the things that consume my time…..the Bible Study I lead, my kids (going through a “I’m a bad mom” phase), housework……let’s just say a few tears were shed today and some of them were mine.  My husband emailed me some encouraging words from Rick Warren, reminding us that trials produce patience and perseverance.  What most encouraged me, though, was the suggested Scripture reading from Isaiah 40:3.  “Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength….”  Suddenly I felt satisfied that if my hope was in nothing else, it was in the Lord.  And I felt relieved to know that He would renew my strength.  Praise-alujah.  😉

Three little things to end my night on: Hope, Strength, and “No.”


2 thoughts on “Hope, Strength and “No.”

  1. ok…I am glad to know it was helpful and not inappropriate =)

    I love the word NO
    unless, of course, its coming from the mouth of a naughty child!

    And I understand the tears being shed today! although, mine weren’t bc. I thought I was a bad mom…but more b.c I had bad kids
    which in turns leads me to being a bad mom

    its ALL their fault =)

    • I hear ya, Melissa. Sorry to hear you had a rough day…..being a mom is the toughest job yet and the hardest part about it is that I care so much about the work I do!

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