“Photo Club”

I recently met a young mother who shares a common interest in photography–she has organized for three of us mom/photographers to meet together on a regular basis to challenge and encourage one another.  (Tonight’s our first meeting!)

She found a blog by a photographer who has “assignments” for women to tackle.  I was devastated when I read the first assignment–a self portrait.  There is nothing I like less than pictures of myself.  I’m sure most women would say this, but really, really….I CRINGE at every single picture I ever see of myself.  I HATE my smile and being a smiley person, it’s in every picture!  Ugh!  So you can see why I’m tempted to use this picture as my self portrait:

The picture is pretty appropriate for me in February…..bundled up and desperately catching any Vitamin D I can from whatever sunlight I see.  It also conveniently doesn’t show much of my face.  (BTW, after I got this image all set up, my husband burrowed into some snow and clicked the camera for me, which is compliant with the “rules”!).  When I asked my dh to objectively go through the images, he chose this next one, which I was relieved to note didn’t show too much of my smile.  🙂

I just reread the assignment and am stressed out to realize that I missed half of the assignment–taking a shot of an image that is representative of me.  Eek!  I only have a bit of daylight left (you know how natural light is so much better!), so I best get to work.  Gotta think……

Here’s hoping that “photo club” goes well tonight!  (I wonder if the organizer actually has a name for our gathering….)


One thought on ““Photo Club”

  1. ok, first of all…I am SHOCKED AND AMAZED at the fact that you hate all pictures of yourself! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?!
    Everytime I see you I am jealous with envy at your natural beauty (I am not being sarcastic IN the least)
    Oh Sarah…and yours SMILE!ITs breathtaking!

    I am sad you don’t see any of this in yourself

    ok, you are now on my prayer list for “seeing self as you are!” =)

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