Pictures of food…..really

Is this really me?  Posting pictures of food?  Going gluten-free has meant working harder at finding recipes and surprisingly, it has meant that all of a sudden I enjoy cooking!  For the most part, the recipes that I have found on the Gluten Free Goddess blog have been honestly…at the worst, quite good and at their best, absolutely delicious.  Here is the big thing we’ve been enjoying (okay, by “we” I mean my husband and I….the girls, not so much)….roasted vegetables.  Yum.  Again, something I probably never would have thought that I would enjoy or use so much.  These vegetables were roasted (with TONS of balsamic vinegar and some olive oil) and then put on noodles with cheese sprinkled on top.  The great thing is that I make a ton, so these vegetables then went toward another recipe–homemade pizza with cream cheese and Feta spread.  I’ve also made lasagna with roasted vegetables.  I think chicken breasts and roasted peppers are on this week’s menu.


2 thoughts on “Pictures of food…..really

  1. Hey….Just like me!!! You know I have heard comments… like what’s with blogging food. But there are so many blogs out there about food. I just think people forget to enjoy the task once in a while and share it!!! Either at the table or on your blog! Keep sharing!

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