Award Worthy

Do you ever feel like you deserve a medal?  You know in your mind that you will probably receive no acclamation or reward for what you’ve done, but darn it, you should.  Maybe you’ve calmly cleaned up a child’s vomit all day long and even had the strength to offer some comfort and compassion to the poor dear.  Maybe you cooked up a fantastic meal AND kept your toddlers from killing each other or even fighting with each other.  Totally Mom of the Year type stuff.  Maybe you don’t have children yet, but you still do some award worthy things.  Like refrain from yelling at the guy who cut you off in rush hour, causing you to spill your coffee.  Or you answer to your boss pleasantly all day and even bite your tongue when your co-workers are doing some back-biting.  Maybe it is something as simple and yet as challenging as fighting the urge to wear a zip-up sweatshirt.  We feel like we deserve recognition and yet of course know in our hearts that recognition is not what we should be after.

Today I starched and ironed a bedskirt.

And as I ironed, I thought, “I should get an award for this.  I have NEVER ironed a bed skirt (even if this skirt has needed it for the two years I’ve owned it).”  I know I’m no more domestic or worthy of praise than any other woman.  I’m not the first person to get out the starch for bed clothes.  I know of a woman who irons her sheets and underwear. Next to her, I’m a stay-at-home-bum.  But today I felt like someone should give me a pat on the back or a high five.  At least.

Ladies, in life we are not always going to get credit for the things we do.  Someone might not even notice the sacrifices or heroic deeds that we accomplish in a day.  Do it unto the Lord.  Know that your hard work and selflessness will be recognized for what they are someday.  And for today, let’s share in each other’s accomplishments.  Share what amazing thing you did today!  I want to give you props, even if no one else credits your hard work.


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