Looking Youthful

I’m not getting any younger–are any of us?  The big 3-0 hit a couple of years ago, if that says anything.  I’m not particularly bothered by my age and rarely worry if I’m looking older.  I confess that I dyed my hair for the very first time a couple of months ago.  The grays weren’t taking over, but there were enough to make me thing it was time to make a change.  I use eye cream once a day, a practice I didn’t even know existed 10 years ago. So I guess that there are a few little things I do to help me age gracefully, but really, as you’ll see from my representation of my essential beauty products, that my life is hardly centered around beauty treatments.  I mean, Carmex counts as one of my “beauty essentials.”

No, this post really isn’t going to offer you a lot of useful information on what beauty treatments keep a lady looking young.  In fact, while my physical body may not scream “youth”, I still have had some blessed souls lately mistake me for a much younger woman than I am.  (They deserved kisses, but I didn’t want to lose any of the Carmex I had freshly slathered on my lips.)  I think that beauty and youth are the kinds of things that don’t come from the outside….it is obviously the things of our spirit and personality that shine through the wrinkles and saddlebags.   So here are my top ten ways to stay young:

*Laugh.  At good jokes.  Smile at bad ones.  Laugh at yourself and let others laugh at you, too.  People that take themselves too seriously look about 15 years older than they are.  Lighten up.

*Be active.  Not just for your health, but for joy.  DO something that makes you happy and release some more endorphins.  Dance, run, bike, build a snowman.  Do it alone for peace, do it with a friend or your child for a smile.

*Wear something totally inappropriate for your age once in awhile.  If you are over 30 and can pull off skinny jeans, do it.  If you can’t pull off skinny jeans (I count myself in this category at the moment), be sure to wear some rockin’ heels once in awhile with a funky pair of jeans.  If you try to dress too young all the time, you’re just a wannabe who can’t age gracefully.  If you do it once in awhile, it makes you feel like a rock star and kind of knocks everyone else’s socks off, too.

*Be nice.  Duh.  Be optimistic.  Crabby people are a drag to be around and they make me feel old just being around them.  Gross.

*Grow in grace and favor with the Lord and with people.  A woman who isn’t growing in this category is like last year’s fashion.  People get bored of it quickly and eventually it becomes just plain ugly.

*Hang out with teenagers once in awhile.  Do it all the time and again, you kind of look like a wannabe.  But having relationships with people who are in a totally different stage of life keep you in touch and on your toes.   Plus teenagers keep me humble and remind me what a nerd I am.  See my first tip.

*Spend time with women who are older than you.  Learn something from them.

*Do things with a good attitude, especially things you don’t like doing.   When someone asks you to do something you’re not a big fan of (for me: any winter activity, watching a sci-fi movie, going shopping, eating at a boring restaurant), say “Sure!” and make yourself enjoy it.  You’ll bless them and I guarantee you’ll always have more fun than you anticipated.

*Love the people in your life.  Smile at them, encourage them, hug them.

*Be content.  You’ve got what you’ve got–enjoy it.  You are who you are–work it.

Look young, my friends!  And stock up on the chapstick during these winter months!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Looking Youthful

  1. I love this! Great tips – I will definitely put this list to good use…

    And as a Licensed Esthetician {confident hair flip} I believe Carmex to be a GREAT product for your lips. If you ever feel like a splurge, I am seriously in love with Aveda Lip Saver {$8.50} and I’m not even getting commission for this. 🙂

    I wish we lived closer – you are such a wise, funny woman…I will settle for just gleaning insights from your writing!

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