Gluten-free: the two week mark

I have tried eating gluten-free for exactly two weeks today.  This last Saturday morning I was out running and realized that I felt like a big fog had lifted.  Emotionally, mentally, physically, I was feeling better than I have in a really long time.  In all things, I give glory to God first.  Oohh, I was singing His praises that morning!!!  Later that evening I was chatting with my husband and wondered if part of the “fog” is exactly what many Celiac sufferers complain of when they say, “brain fog.”  I still don’t know exactly what that means; I would say that I felt more like I had been in a mood fog.  But whatever it is and whatever the reason, I was celebrating the fact that it had lifted.

That night we went out to eat with some friends.  One of my favorite things to do is to eat out and yet I am beginning to wonder if it is something that I may want to give up.  (Boo!)  I ordered a steak, baked potato, and salad bar.  I ate absolutely nothing that I could have imagined had gluten, but about two hours after eating, the stomach aching and cramping began.  It continued for 24 hours straight!  I felt awful. Sunday morning I found myself in a lousy mood (which I swear I was fighting with all my might!) and after church I was so exhausted I felt drugged.  I took a long, long nap and even after 8 hours of sleep last night, I still woke up feeling tired today.  What a terrible feeling! Today my digestive system is still giving me a hard time, but I am back to watching for gluten (and eating only food that I have carefully prepared) and feel on the mend.  I wonder what it was that got to me on Saturday night….some thoughts include sour cream which can sometimes have modified starch in it (I found out later)  or maybe just the utensils or the cookware was contaminated.  I’ve heard of a woman with Celiac who goes out to eat and orders the waitress to have the cook clean the skillet (or whatever is being used) with soap and water before they cook her food.  Goodness….I do not want to be that person!

On a bright note, I found fast food restaurant menus online with gluten-free items that one can order, so when we drove through Burger King a week ago, I was able to get a salad and fries (they use a separate fryer at BK) and I felt fine afterwards!  Of course, BK is not really my idea of a great date spot….

I also faced temptation for the very first time in two weeks, which really surprised me.  I thought I’d bemoaning everything I couldn’t eat, but on the contrary I haven’t even considered it once.  Today I was baking a cake for a friend (not gluten-free) and while I don’t even love cake, when that thing came out of the oven and a crumb of it fell off, I picked it up and had to fight everything in me not to eat it.  Ugh!

Also, I am really enjoying my different perspective on food and eating.  My friend, Melissa, told me that this is how she felt after going gluten-free.  Lately, I rarely think of eating as something of pleasure or enjoyment… has really become something I do to sustain myself.  I also am eating treats in greater moderation because frankly, they just don’t taste as good with buckwheat flour instead of bleached white flour…ha, ha.  Strangely, though, with better eating habits and a better perspective, I actually think I’ll be gaining some weight because I won’t be sick all the time.  Guess I will have all the more motivation to run!

And now on one last note….you’d think that with all of these flours and starches that I have added to my pantry that I would have the right ingredients to make a scrumptious cake for dessert tonight.  No.  There is one more flour that has thus far eluded me in my local shopping: blanched almond flour.  That one is next on the list if I have any hope for making yummy desserts!


4 thoughts on “Gluten-free: the two week mark

  1. Ooh, salad bar. The perfect place for not only germs, but hidden – or cross-contaminated – gluten! They are dangerous – think tongs moved accidentally from the croutons to the tomatoes. Or soy sauce in salad dressing. At any rate, it sounds like GF is the way to go. And I promise, you will find restaurants that are safe and know what they are doing. Good luck!

  2. Wow, it definitely sounds like gluten free will be great for you! I did 2 weeks without gluten and dairy a couple summers ago with Ann Marie and my cousin more for an experiment and a cleanse on our digestive systems. I did really feel good, but I’m not to a place where I want to give it up.

    Because of Ann Marie being gluten free, I’ve gotten to know quite a few recipes and places that have gluten free food. unfortunately many of the really good out-to-eat places are in the twin cities, but if you guys come here, some fun date places are Pizza Luce, Muffaletta’s and the Old Spaghetti Factory. I am throwing her a baby shower this weekend and I ordered a flourless cake from Cafe Latte on Grand Ave. Good luck and it will be interesting to hear more of how this goes for you!

  3. I am amazed you felt sick after what you ate when you went out…I would be curious to know what you were told if you were actually tested. I don’t seem to be that intollerant to the stuff….I even have come across a few bread items that I can eat without any side affects. I am sorry to hear yours might be so much worse!
    BUT, I am SO glad you are feeling better! It only gets more and more worth it =) (I am just about at a year!)

    as far as gaining weight…I have heard that you CAN actually gain weight from going gluten free b.c your body wasn’t absorbing the proper nutrients you needed BC of the gluten, causing one to lose weight. Being that I was by NO means under weight when I began this…I am grateful I didn’t gain anything =) haha

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