The Gluten-Free Journey–Day 6

It has been an interesting week of gluten-free eating.  I have been surprised to find that meals are easier to cook than I thought and that even baking has good outcomes with a good recipe and the right flours and starches.  For the most part I have been cooking all of our meals gluten-free and the family has enjoyed the meals.

Problem number one that I ran up against this week was date night with the hubby.  In a small town, there are only so many options for eating out.  After doing a tiny bit of research online, we decided to avoid our usual Applebees (all of their food, except potato skins, are loaded with gluten).  We instead went to a pricier restaurant in hopes that I could would have a better chance of finding something gluten-free.  The chicken and rice that I ordered had to be served without the white wine sauce (flour) which I am sure would have made it SOOO good.  I also had to watch my hubby eat the popovers and then foolishly tried to scrape the chocolate filling out of the pie that was my dessert.  I came home and of course had my usual attack of cramping, rumbling, and mad dashes to the bathroom.  Of course, if I simply have a case of good old-fashioned IBS, the excitement of going out to eat is what could make me get sick.  But if the culprit is truly gluten, I guess when they say to avoid even gluten contamination, they are not kidding.

My second problem with going gluten-free is I am having more cases of low blood sugar than I normally do.  I get shaky, dizzy, hot, and tingly.  I have been feeling this way almost all day for the last two days.  After reading a bit online and some other people’s experiences with this, it could be the result of what I’m eating–most gluten-free grains are high on the glycemic index.  (Eyeroll…really, can we solve one problem and not cause another one?)  I also think I might be eating a little bit less because I’m kind of at a loss of what to eat.  I’m sure I’ll figure this out in time!  Until then, I need to get the store and load up on cheese or something.  Any other ideas for foods low in sugars and also without gluten?  Sheesh!  I need a nutritionist!

Day six and counting….we’ll see what the next week brings!


2 thoughts on “The Gluten-Free Journey–Day 6

  1. I have two books on low glycemic… Just in case your looking for a fast list. I don’t want to sound stupid… but where else does gluten reside other then flour. Which grains…? Why not keep fresh fruit on hand for the low sugars?

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