“The Craft Situation”

I recently mentioned that we have a bit of a problem in our home involving what my girls call, “crafts.”  It usually translates into a big mess, crazy/cool creations, and clean-up that looks more like “stuff it” than “return it”.  If you look back at the “before” closet pictures, you’ll see drawers full of coloring books, craft items, games, and who knows what else.  I had enough.  It was time to make a change.

Step One

Put all of the new coloring books, markers, workbooks, etc. in a box and get it out of sight.  Include any craft items that are disasters waiting to happen without supervision.  I hid this box on a shelf in my laundry room (which has its own scary before and in process pictures that I will share later…eek).  Out of sight, out of mind.  Great things to pull out when in need.

Step Two

Score a free desk (mine is from my parents–my grandpa built this as part of a vanity for my mom back in the day!).  This one is perfect as it has two drawers on each side, so each girl gets two drawers.  With precious little space in my home to spare, I wondered where we were going to put a desk that would put my little craftaholics within my view.   The desk fits surprisingly well on this wall in my tiny kitchen and I think it probably even matches the era of my home.

The four-year-old craft junky sits at this desk as often as possible and one day even sat down and announced, “I have a lot of work to do!”  She loves it!

Each girl has a drawer full of their coloring books, work books, notepads, journals and so on.  The top drawer of each side is filled with their writing/coloring utensils, the infamous scissors and glue, and whatever other items they decide to lovingly store.  I think that Christmas gift items such as tissues and chapstick rank among the treasured items.

Before I share this final image, I will confess to be a label-maker junky (I wonder where my girls get their addictions!  Ha!).  For the first birthday I celebrated after being married, my dh bought me my very own label maker. Seriously.  And I’m pretty sure I swooned over his thoughtfulness.  Now his thoughtfulness is helping him out…..(he has a hard time remembering where and how I have painstakingly organized things!).   And yes, for some reason my girls do have an abundance of sticker books.  Is that normal?


9 thoughts on ““The Craft Situation”

  1. I love LOVE to organize, file away and although I don’t have a label maker…i am pretty sure we could be FAST friends

    my FAMILY, however, cares for none of this

    which causes me to have to organize and re-organize again and again =( (oddly enough, my BOYS are better at putting things back then my GIRL!! this is strange to me!)

  2. I’m guessing that Ella has a bit of that artist nature….Annika has it and it means she’s a disorganized mess. She’s got things going on all over the place….they’re all creative, but they’re all a mess!!!!

  3. Okay, so the desk is OLD!!!! Like your MOTHER!!! HA!!!!!! But I love the new hardware, they really add class to the desk, and it does look so nice in the kitchen. Grandpa Severidt would love it, Sarah, that you are using it for his Great Granddaughters. I am glad that you are using it, too!!!!

  4. Ha ha! I have to laugh at the above comments — it took me a while (surprise surprise — I was wondering why you were praising yourself Sarah… 🙂 )
    And OOOOOO, I love it! It looks awesome in your kitchen, and it does fit amazingly well!! I can just imagine how fun it is for especially Annika! I can picture her “working” there all the time!

  5. It looks awesome! It’s great that you are so good about doing crafts. That’s why I go to ECFE. I so don’t appreciate a good craft mess. You know why? Because I’m anal too. I like organization. And crafts are NOT organized…except at ECFE. 🙂

    Olivia has caught my OCD gene and is VERY particular about where things go!!

  6. Okay, ummmm, I might be the most JEALOUS person in the entire world right now. A label maker?! Why am I almost 29 years old and do not have a LABEL MAKER?!

    It’s the little things in life, right Sarah???

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