Let it begin

The project to tackle in the girls’ room is their closet.  It’s tiny and it’s a nightmare.  Their room is small as it is, so a lot of things need to get shoved in this closet.  And as you’ll see, shoved they do get.  This task has been three-fold (although if you count secretly throwing out a lot of miscellaneous items, make it four-fold).  First, finding something to store everything in and get it labelled so that when Daddy supervises clean-up (bless his heart for all his efforts), the toys go in the right place.  Second task will be to have my dh build some kind of simple shelves on the other side of the closet (you’ll notice he put some shallow ones in there for me last year).  Third was to have a solution to the “craft situation” in our house.  My girls LOVE coloring, writing, cutting & gluing, and doing anything that falls into their category of “crafts.”  Truly, on a daily basis those girls are busy with paper and scissors and glue.  I used to keep all of their stuff in those drawers you can kind of see in one corner of the closet.  Problem: they pull stuff out at random, haul it to the kitchen, set up camp at the table, haphazardly put it back when required to do so and all in all, drive me bonkers with the whole affair.  Tomorrow I will post the solution to that problem.  Tonight I want to leave you with the nightmarish vision of their room, BEFORE I dug into my projects.

The Closet

Ugh.  Need I say more?

The rest of the mess

The rest of the room is less frightful, but will hopefully get more organized and specific….not just random baskets of random toys.

The last picture is me wondering where to begin after buying a bunch of Rubbermaid containers at Target.  Christmas toys everywhere and trust me, toys do not seem to fall into categories on their own.  It takes some thought and sorting and re-sorting and re-sorting…

Results are slow in coming, but they’re coming!


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