A Lost Art

I used to love writing letters to people.  I’d whip out a quick note of encouragement to a friend and pop it in the mail.  I’d fill page after page of life, thoughts, reactions and send it off to a distant friend or relative.  I love keeping in touch with people and that used to be the way to do it.  Until email.  And facebook.  And texting.  All of those things are great tools for connecting with people I haven’t seen in ages and whose address or last name has changed since the last letter went out.  But somehow they have drawn me away from the joy and art of letter writing.  Call me lazy or call me cheap, but I rarely even send “thank yous” in the mail anymore–consider me grateful if you get an email from me thanking you for something kind thing you have done for me or some gift you have bestowed on me.  Really it just has come down to a matter of time….with kids to care for, meals to make, a house to keep up, ministries to attend to, and all the other things that keep me running in circles, it is just much, much easier to shoot out an email or facebook message.

A Revival, if only short-term

A few weeks ago, a friend sent a kind thank you/encouragement note to me in the mail.  Out of nowhere!  Her words and thoughtfulness touched me tremendously.  I was reminded of what a blessing it is to know that someone has taken the time–a sacrifice for most of us–to go out of her way to send a note the old-fashioned way.

Fast-forward to the holidays when I’m sitting in my brother’s home and my sister-in-law is showing me letters that she has received from her cousin.  I held the paper in my hand, looked at the unfamiliar hand-writing and thought, “Who writes letters anymore?”  I felt nostalgic.

Today I thought of a woman from my church who has been involved in some ministries that have really been a big part of my life this past fall.  I reflected on her character, her strengths, the things that I admire about her. And I decided to write her a note.  It was great to put on paper my gratitude and the ways that she is an example to me.  I can’t wait to drop it in the mail tomorrow!

Bless someone in this next month and write a note of gratitude or encouragement to another woman in your life.  She may never tell you how much it means to her, but I assure you she’ll be touched!


One thought on “A Lost Art

  1. Good for yoU! I have been trying to be better about this as well! We are so blessed by so many people, in so many ways, and although I always say thank you, does that really cover it? I love receiving mail, and I have been trying to share my gratitude through the mail also!

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