What 2010 is going to look like, if I have my way….

I’m not a resolutions kind of girl, but a new year and a fresh start is motivating to me, which means I’m starting off the New Year with new hope and big plans.


Beginning Monday I am going to take a 6 week stab at a gluten free diet.  To be honest, I am totally dreading it.  All of my favorite foods have gluten.  But with increasing health issues that certainly resemble a gluten allergy, I’m willing to give it a try.  As I mentioned earlier, the test for celiac disease is about $300 out of pocket–money that I’d rather not spend if I can help it.  An elimination diet is often as telling as a blood test, but the tricky thing is that true celiac disease means being incredibly sensitive to gluten–even cross contamination.  I’m not going “all out” for 6 weeks, meaning that I am not going to avoid things that are potential allergens (i.e. using a toaster that has toasted regular bread or eating naturally gluten-free foods that have processed in plants that process gluten which would lead to contamination).  So, all that considered, we’ll see what the results are.  I’ll begin the new food plan on Monday!  I’m excited about a new blog I found written specifically for people on gluten-free diets!   Lots of useful information, recipes, and tips.


Coming home with baskets and boxes and bags full of wonderful Christmas presents gave me motivation to begin 2010 on another new note: organization.  I love being organized, but when a project before me is daunting and involves spending any kind of money, I avoid it.  Over the last year I have found myself losing things or misplacing things far more often than I ever used to.  In our small little house, I realized that part of the problem is that it is hard to find a place for things–therefore they float all over or are placed in a different spot all the time and eventually–lost.  I have dreaded the task of trying to organize so many things and really, without some new furniture or containers to help me out, it seems pretty impossible.  But with lots of new things and no where to put them, I decided it was time to tackle the overwhelming issue of organization in my home.  My parents handed off an old desk that I have put to use for the girls.  My in-laws have armed me with some unused shelving and plastic containers.  Wait until you see some of my “before” pictures of my home.  You might faint.  I almost did. Organization isn’t my New Year’s Resolution…..it is the project at hand.  I’m hoping that with some help from my dh, I should be able to get this place organized by the end of the month!


The last year was one filled with loss, fear, disunity, and brokenness.  I wouldn’t trade what God has taught me through all of that for anything, but I’m hoping that the coming year will bring new things….brighter things, of course!  Who doesn’t hope that the year ahead will be better than the year before?

So, health, organization, peace and provision are my hopes for the new year.  I’ll do what I can do to make them happen, but the only resolution that will  ultimately be effective is to live within and trust God’s will!  Here’s to 2010!!


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