Photographing in December

I am grumpy about nearly all the pictures that I took in the month of December.  Considering the incredibly short days and lack of bright daylight, I feel like all of my photos are grainy, blurry, and dull.  I am trying to plug away at editing wedding photos that I took last month (an indoor 6pm wedding in Minnesota in December….can you imagine the difficulty?).  I am sure that I have much to learn about getting pictures that I feel good about during these bleary northern months.  What do you do to get sharp, clear images in these conditions?  I’d love to hear tips!


4 thoughts on “Photographing in December

  1. Outdoors I didn’t, I kept my aperture wide open and shutter speed at 1/60 s, hence the reason they’re a little blurry. I wonder if I should use a tripod, as clumsy as that is, during the winter months.

    Indoors I did use flash, but there is just NO natural lighting this time of year that is strong enough to help. I had to do the wedding ceremony with no flash, hence the graininess. How is the 50D at high ISO?

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