So Quiet

Last Wednesday, after seeing radar and the forecasted winter storm about to hit our state for Christmas, the hubby and I decided to fast forward Christmas and drive down to family a bit earlier than expected.  We quickly opened gifts with the girls, threw together a bunch of suitcases and food and hit the roads.

As planned, after Christmas Dave went back home to work in silence and the girls and I decided to do a “tour” and stay with family and friends until New Year’s Eve, when my in-laws will drive us back up north.  Because of the early departure, it will be over a week that we have been gone.  The girls have done well considering a new bed every night, lots of driving, less sleep, and winter colds and sniffles.  I’m exhausted–upon arriving at my parents’ house today, my four-year-old and I crashed together and each took something like a two hour nap.  Whew! 

Although I’m tired (traveling around with two kids is exhausting), I have felt really blessed by all of the visits I have had with people.  I’ve kind of enjoyed staying quiet in the internet realm and have not minded being momentarily disconnected from “regular” life.  Plan on me staying quiet for a bit longer.  Upon returning home to what I assume has been transformed into my husband’s bachelor pad, I predict that I will have a lot of organizing, cleaning, and putting away of Christmas goodies.  Any suggestions on how to tackle the mountains of Christmas gifts that we have sitting at home waiting for us (i.e. toys and clothes for the kids)?  I feel slightly panicked about the lingering question of where to put everything.


2 thoughts on “So Quiet

  1. all our gifts are shoved under our tree until I can focus my brain enough to figure out where they can go! =)

    and we still have one more christmas tomorrow….the one the brings us WAY.TOO.MANY.TOYS!!

    so, when you figure it out, PLEASE let me know =)

  2. I know how you feel! There is only ONE of ME to find places to put things after the holidays – and I’m still a bit overwhelmed with all the bags filled with leftover wrapping paper, new things to find places for, etc…

    Yesterday I unloaded the box that held all my Christmas stuff in it, and then proceeded to make that my Salvation Army box. It’s sitting in the living room right now with a few things in it to get rid of…I’m still working on it however 🙂

    I’ve missed reading your blog the past few weeks Sarah! Having been so busy, I am just NOW going through my google reader and catching up. I am so excited that you got a mentor! (and a bit jealous) 🙂 I used to meet with Barb Hinkle when I was on YL staff in Cambridge. Usually it would consist of her asking me questions, me crying, and her paying for my pancakes. ha ha…It was maybe an emotional time of life, but I guess what I remembered and cherished most was just having a cheerleader, encourager and listener in my life (that was not family) – I think that meant more to me than having someone make sure that I was reading the Word or memorizing scripture or whatever my goals were. I tend to take care of everyone else, and it was good for me to learn how to let someone else take care of ME!

    Anyways, what a cool thing that all in a week you were ASKED to be a mentor and you GOT a mentor! It will be fun to hear how both of these relationships impact your life…and no doubt you will impact both of theirs! Okay, I meant to make a short comment…oops! Happy New Year to the Yankowiaks (sp?) 🙂

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