Things I love…

*Our friend’s 9-year-old boy singing “Matthew’s Begats” at church today with his dad and Dave accompanying him.  Blessed my heart.

*Annika telling me, “Santa doesn’t need to bring us any gifts, there are already too many under the tree!”  (Good thing we have never told our kids that Santa does any such thing and LOVE her perspective!)

*My two-year-old being crazy and looking like this:

*The body of Christ….seeing people that we are in community with who are praying for each other, lifting each other up, turning to one another in hard times, and providing for one another.

*Grace that leads me to repentance.

*New beginnings.  Every day.

*A friend and client of my husband’s who sent us delicious chocolate.  I mean delicious.

*Brett Farve playing for the Vikings.  I’m not a huge football fan, but I’m just saying– it’s pretty awesome.

*The anticipation of being with family in just a few short days.  Holidays can be filled with stress, pressure,  and expectations.  This year I’m just filled with anticipation and it feels great.  God is good.

Be blessed!


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