Suggestions for wives and mothers

Just wanted to throw out a couple of websites that have been a blessing to me as a wife and mother.  You can subscribe to both of these and get daily, or at least regular, emails.  For a year I subscribed to The Generous Wife.  (I unsubscribed for awhile because I began to feel overwhelmed by the emails that were adding up in my inbox, so I now subscribed to the site in Google Reader, which overwhelms me less than an inbox).  This site gives a lot of creative ways to bless your husband and your marriage with gifts, words of encouragement, or new traditions (warning: “lovemaking” is one of the oft-suggested ways to bless….lol….).  I didn’t take every single day’s suggestion and put it into action, but it at least provided me with a moment each day to consciously think of my hubby and a way to bless him.

Someone also recommended a new site to me that also offers an email subscription, but I subscribed to it in Google Reader.  🙂  I also added the link over to the right.  It’s (In)Courage and has a lot of great insight and Godly wisdom and advice for mothers and wives.

I wanted to share with you in the hopes that one or both of these might bless you!  Enjoy, ladies!


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