Feelin’ Like An Elf, or At Least a Bit Domestic!

You see, being an elf or being domestic are quite equally impossible for me to aspire to.  Seriously.  If you know me well enough, the following pictures may shock you.  I’m getting into the bustle of the holiday season and keeping busy with the following projects:


Every year I try to force myself into baking mode and try to whip up some holiday cookies.  I haven’t ventured into the Christmas cookie category yet, but tonight I got started with these.

Gift Wrapping

Ok, so obviously I do wrap gifts every Christmas and therefore, it is less shocking of a way to be spending my time.  But this year I have procrastinated much longer than ever before in gift buying.  I have always imagined that it is stressful to wait until the last minute to figure out what to get people, go out and purchase the gifts, and then get them wrapped up.  On the contrary, I find it all much less stressful.  I can’t figure out why–perhaps because I lowered my expectations.  Maybe since I am waiting until the final weeks before Christmas, I don’t have time to doubt myself like I do if I buy a gift in August and by December wonder if the idea is not so hot after all.  I also went all-out-tacky this year and got wrapping paper that my girls would love.


I used to enjoy sewing at least a little.  Since having children and less and less space in my home to “set up shop” (please note that I have my sewing machine set up on, of all things, a T.V. tray!), I honestly dread sewing.  This year, though, I dug deep and made up some “rice packs” as gifts.  I got the idea from my MIL quite a few years ago and have made some in the past–they make great gifts in MN!  You warm them up in the microwave and put them on sore necks or use them to warm up your toes in bed!  I made two mini ones for each girl in some fun pink flannel–they love borrowing my rice pack and taking it to bed at night for sore knees, sore heads…whatever they can think up.  These are some of the ones that I made for Annika’s volunteer teachers at church:

And now I’m attempting some craft project to improve the bounce flash on my camera.  I guess all of a sudden I’m DIY-like-that.


2 thoughts on “Feelin’ Like An Elf, or At Least a Bit Domestic!

  1. I have one of those rice packs that I got as a HS grad gift and I LOVE it!!!! I used it all the time while I was pg! Cute material!

  2. Oh I love the wrapping paper!!!! How darn cute, and makes me think of Christmas’s past, with my two little girls!!! And the cookies look declicious!!! Love the material, too. You made me get into the spirit of Christmas and feel excited!!!!!!

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