When Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ Your Way

It’s one of those days.  For me, it often starts with the fact that me or the kids are sick.  No one in this family functions well when feeling unwell.  This weekend, we all came down with colds. This means kids don’t sleep–Annika and Sofie both were coughing the night away and since they share a room, they were keeping each other up.  So, thank heavens for a husband who can take charge when I’m out of commission, one girl slept in the living room with Daddy and one girl stayed in her bed.  Now, when the four-year-old gets sick, she wets the bed.  Which means with all the sickness we’ve had, she’s been wetting the bed almost every night for a month.  Even if we put her in a pull-up, she wakes up and it’s a big ordeal in the middle of the night.  So imagine a day without sleep, a sinus infection (for which I received drugs today–hallelujah!), and a cold that is giving everyone a bad case of grumpy.

I don’t feel able to share too many details, but things are rough in other areas, which just gets me down or frustrated.  On days like this, I’m not sure what to do with myself.  Part of me wants a pity-party, which I know doesn’t do anyone any good (even though it feels so good for a minute or two!).  Instead, I try to offer up prayers for the courage to face what doesn’t just go away on its own and I pray for relief in at least one area, Lord!  Encouragement is something I think I need more than some people do (is that bad that is such a need of mine?) and it has to come in the areas that only God knows I need the most.  False encouragement or encouragement for the sake of encouraging just gives me more frustration and irritation.  I have to pray and wait for what I need and know that it will come at the right time.

And now that the afternoon is coming to a close, I can just pray for strength to make it to the end of this day and for hope for a better tomorrow!


One thought on “When Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ Your Way

  1. seriously…you guys have been NAILED with the sicks this year! I am sooo sorry!

    And, since you dont’ want to hear encouragement just for the sake of encouragement, I wont share my thoughts on what I think about you right now =) Iwill wait for another day! =)

    But, I do understand that need to be encouraged…its kind of icky b.c you JUST HAVE TO WAIT For it! And what if no one ever REALLY sees how much you NEED to be encouraged =)

    I dont know what else is going on thats getting you down…but remember….it IS ok to have a tantrum now and then! (just don’t let your four year old see it or she most likely wont let you live it down!)

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