Reliving Childhood Joy

Today I was Christmas shopping at the local bookstore.  This is dangerous.  I love reading SO much and I love giving the gift of books to my children and to anyone else who loves to read like I do!

Today I limited myself to shopping for my girls and my two youngest nephews.  I walked circles around the children’s section, trying to narrow down my choices.  For my four-year-old, I found a “Fancy Nancy” book which I’ve heard a lot about and which looks cute.  Then my eye ventured over to the “intermediate” section (meaning for “intermediate” readers, not “beginner” readers, of which Annika is neither, mind you).  My eye spied a “Charlotte’s Web” book and I thought that Annika might enjoy hearing that story since she loves the movie.  I grabbed it and noticed a “Ramona” collection….oh, remember the “Ramona” books?  I thought those books were so funny!  I briefly considered getting those, but remembered that there might be some situations that would be work to explain to my four-year-old.

And then…behold….my glance fell upon one of my favorite books from girlhood: “Betsy & Tacy.”  How I loved borrowing “Betsy and Tacy” books from the library!  I remember reading them when I was quite young, so I figured that Annika might be up to listening to me read them to her.  Tonight I googled “Betsy and Tacy” (because I’m random and nerdy like that) and found that there is a whole website and “society” dedicated to these books (other people/geeks must love this series as much as I do!).  I wanted to share with any homeschool moms that have daughters that there is a page on the website specifically for teachers and librarians with reading guides and questions.

Oh, I can’t wait until Christmas!  (No wonder I find no excitement in getting my own gifts anymore….I am way more excited about what my children are getting than anything I could possibly get!)


3 thoughts on “Reliving Childhood Joy

  1. ok, RAMONA I DO know!! I LOOOVVED her! I even wrote a letter to Beverly Cleary =) haha

    and Fancy Nancy are GREAT books. Ella checks them out at the library all the time. I love them b.c she says things like

    “This dish is delectable…that is a fancy word for yummy” =)

  2. I’m totally a member of the Betsy-Tacy society…and I have a Betsy-Tacy society tshirt. 🙂 My Grandma lives in Mankato and we have done the B-T tour–very fun if you are ever down south!

  3. Oh…how I can help supply you with fun books… give me a list!! Please?

    I wasn’t a reader growing up. It’s a long story but I never read a whole book until I was married. It’s been a page turner ever since!

    I read to the boys when they were young and because of how slow I read some books were harder to get through.

    Google Jothems Journey for Advent story for the family!

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