Good Intentions

I am an earth-lover at heart.  I feel compelled to try to do my part to decrease waste, pollution, be more earth-friendly etc.  I do the little things….once in awhile I try to walk downtown to do my errands rather than drive, I certainly recycle everything I can, I’ve used cloth diapers at certain stages for my children, I line dry almost all of my laundry in warm months, I’ve bought the compact fluorescent lightbulbs, you know–nothing praiseworthy, just little things that make me hopeful that somehow maybe I’m making a small difference.  But here is the truth of the matter–when it comes to buying something that is cheap versus something that is less cheap and better for the earth….I almost always buy what is cheaper.  Even if something is “cheaper over its lifetime”, I buy what is cheaper now ‘cuz frankly, I don’t have pennies to burn right now.  When it comes to doing what is easier versus what is harder but better for the earth, um, yeah, I almost always do what is easier.

Guilty Pleasures

Lately I’ve been seriously enjoying the ease of having disposable bleach wipes in my bathroom and quickly wiping down the bathroom every few days.  I mean, I have been seriously loving it.  When cleaning the bathroom, I have nearly always used washable rags and a cheap cleaner like hydrogen peroxide.  I recently indulged in these wipes, which are more expensive, which contradicts my earlier claim that I always pick what is cheaper…..the flu outbreak in our house made this indulgence justifiable, okay?!  I feel guilty that I hardly feel guilty about using them.  I feel guilty that I don’t even question these little life conveniences…I just enjoy them!  Oh, someday I long to be more “green”….maybe when my kids are all grown up or when I’m not watching every little penny and dime that escape my grasp.  Until then, just don’t tell the Green Police, okay?


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