“And who are we seeing today?”

You know how they ask that when you show up at the clinic with a couple of kids in tow?  Let me tell you how embarrassing this question would have been to me today…

I had an appointment at a clinic that I have been to a couple of times–I say this to assure you that I am very familiar with the location.  Well, I was a wee bit early for my appointment as I pulled in to the parking lot and parked my car.  Something about the lot was kind of throwing me off, but I figured it was the ENORMOUS brand new white suburban parked in the middle of the small lot.  It just was really big and really white.  Anyway, I took my time pulling myself together, turning off the car, looking ahead into the clinic’s office to see a couple sitting at the reception desk.  This also kind of threw me, but they looked older, so maybe they needed to sit to fill out forms.  I got out of the car, slowly strode up to the doors where I saw “Office Hours….blah, blah, blah”–you know how you don’t process things that aren’t important.  As I walked into the entrance, something else grabbed my attention.  I halted, waited a second, looked straight ahead and saw, “Please keep your cat or dog on a leash in the office.”  I actually stepped one more step into the entrance when it occurred to me that I was at the VET!  The veterinary clinic that is the driveway before my (human) clinic!  I quickly retraced my steps back to my car and rushed out of the lot and took the next turn into the clinic.

What is funny to me is that I ignored SO many subconscious “checks” that were telling me that things were wrong!  I was aware of them, I just dismissed each and every one of them. After I got in my car, I noticed that I could still smell that “vet smell” in my nose.  I realized it was the smell that had made me pause in the doorway and gave me time to read the sign. To be honest, for a brief moment after reading the “leash” sign, I assumed they meant seeing-eye dogs (or CATS?!).  Let’s suggest that dog-sitting this week altered something in my subconscious and drove me to the clinic that I went to so many times with Chance.  I obviously didn’t have Cheyenne with me, so imagine how MORTIFYING it would have been to make it into the clinic, go to the desk and be asked, “And who are we seeing today?”  “Sarah….”  “And your pet’s name?”  “Uh…I don’t have a pet, but I am dog-sitting.  But she’s at home.  Why do you ask?”

Warning: Unsolicited Advertising

Now, that story being told, I have to give props to the clinic that I went to today: http://www.newspiritwc.com/ The PA that I saw visited with me for close to an hour regarding some problems and symptoms that I have been having.  She suggested different tests, gave me the choice to be tested as I deemed appropriate and was empathetic and understanding.  I don’t think I have ever had that experience in a doctor’s office.  I highly recommend this clinic!  (BTW, one test I decided was not worth getting was the Celiac test…it cost $300 to test for a gluten allergy.  I think I’ll be test-driving the gluten-free diet after the new year rather than have a $300 test tell me whether or not I have an allergy.  Can you believe that?!)


2 thoughts on ““And who are we seeing today?”

  1. Well, you made my morning, dear. I have laughed about this whole visit. Glad you caught yourself, before, saying you where there for SARAH!!!! And glad that your doctor appt was a good one!!! Love the picture of Chey!!! She is a beautiful dog!!!Hugs to you!!!

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