Forgetting the little things?

Since the start of our “ill season” about a month ago or something like that, my two little girls have become more and more grumpy, disobedient, argumentative, and down-right miserable to be around.  Yesterday was incredibly frustrating for me all day, which was followed by an evening of frustration for Dave (I got to leave for Bible Study–thank you, Lord!).  After the girls were both in bed last night, we sat and shared our frustrations.  At some point we agreed that we should spend some time praying together over each of our children.

We prayed over each pajama-clad little girl.  We prayed for their little hearts and we prayed for ourselves, as well.  Tough times with my children only show me all of my own inadequacies as a parent.  I knew I needed prayer as much as those little rug-rats did!

Guess what?  It’s nearly supper time and today has been a much, much better day.  It hasn’t been without a couple of tears or pouts here and there (from my kids, not me!), but for the most part, all of the behavior that had me fuming yesterday was gone today.  I really believe that today actually began late last night as we were praying.  Am I the only one that sometimes forgets this imperative part of parenting?


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