Start Seeing Sarah

I am not going to pretend that I don’t get grumpy now and again (ask my husband, mom, or sister….they know I can get very grumpy).  For the most part, though, my grumpiness just goes about skin deep and I shed it when I leave the house.  I know I’m in a bad mood when my Minnesota niceness doesn’t come with me out the door.

Today I had two little girls throwing ugly fits all morning.  Which meant a lot of discipling, a lot of taking care of messes, a lot of silent prayers asking for mercy.  I decided some fresh air was in order and as we had to run to get some vitamins at the nutrition store, I figured a quick walk would do us good.  My four-year-old failed to listen over and over, then cried when I put her on a time-out, then claimed she didn’t feel well, at which point I decided she just needed to stay home in bed (thank heavens for a work-from-home-daddy!).  I set out with just one kid in my double stroller and tried taking some cleansing breaths.

Nearing the store, I realized today officially qualified for being in a bit of a funk.  After waiting for one vehicle to drive through a four way stop, I ventured out into the crosswalk.  A big truck (with the obnoxious exhaust pipes that make a ton of noise….ugh) came at us.  I was so grumpy I didn’t even give him the fearful/cautious look or even a “You be careful!” glare.  I glanced his way and gave him the “Go for it.  Hit me.” look.  He slowed down (SLOWED DOWN!  HE DIDN’T EVEN STOP!) to let us cross.   This nearly getting hit scene replayed itself TWO times on our round trip.  Obnoxious.

The sad thing (sadder than my bad mood and tempting killers) is that I think this nearly getting hit thing happens to me all the time–I later realized that I usually give the “oops!” look and then wave a “thank-you” as the almost-killer-driver lets me cross at a crosswalk.  The reason today stood out was because it irritated me so much.  Maybe I’m just usually too nice and should be in a funk more often.  I just like being nice way better, though….hopefully Sarah MN Nice comes back tomorrow! (And I don’t get hit…..really, does this happen everywhere?  Why in our tiny little town do I face death every time I walk or run?)


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