Any Advice, Photogs?

There is one aspect of doing photography for other people that drives me bonkers.  It happened with my very first ever photo shoot and has happened here and there ever since.  Here is how it plays out: pictures taken, editing done, images sent to client, client is pleased.  Weeks or months later, client calls/emails and gives some variation of this: “Can I get image 1126 in color?  And can image 1145 be in sepia instead of black and white?”  Etc. etc.  If it happened with an image here or there, fine.  But I feel like it happens to me all the time.  At first, it just seemed like it was friends who weren’t paying much for the images or were getting them for free and that still happens quite a bit.  But I just recently had a paying client do the same thing.

What do other photographers do?  Do you edit all images in color and then do a black and white one in addition to a color one?  Does this even happen to you?  Do we just do whatever the client wants?  I want people to be happy with the final image, but what ends up happening for me is that I never feel like a job is “finished” because I wonder if and when I’m going to get these kinds of requests.  I also get discouraged and don’t even want to have any artistic creativity with my editing (which is honestly one of my favorite parts!).  Any advice?


4 thoughts on “Any Advice, Photogs?

  1. If I know a client WANTS a bw and color of every image, we will do that….but otherwise I pretty much make it known that what they get is what they get

    Once its bw it CANT go back to color
    if they want it bw or sepia, they can do it on their own (which for me is thru my lab which they can do when they order. Since you give them a cd, they would be able to get that done thru wherever they print their images)

    I agree, once you are done, you are done =)

    do you have them sign a contract? I highly encourage you to do so b.c then you can have these things laid out in it and then refer back to the contract they signed when they ask you to keep doing more


  2. I just got caught up in your blog —
    so I don’t have any advice —
    but I do have to say that I love this blog. I love your deep insights and musings. I love to read YOU. I miss you.

  3. I honestly have never had this happen! I’m sorry! It’s especially hard when you do it for free.

    I would definitely charge to make the changes. Even something silly like $1 a photo (or more!).

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