I Should Not Be Allowed Out of the House

Sometimes I feel like a social imbecile.  Really.

CRW_0194(My daughter looks way cuter as a moron than I do, hence her picture gracing this post.)

I especially feel socially incompetent after the last 7-10 days of being cooped up at home with sick kids.  Tonight I ventured into the company of adults….many of them, since it was Wednesday night church night. And boy, should I have just stayed home!

I think I was like a puppy let out of the kennel after a long day in captivity.  I was panting, jumping all over people, knocking stuff over with my wagging tail, barking incessantly.  (No, I was not literally doing those things….I just think that my obnoxious talking, of which was way too fast, the dumb words coming out of my mouth, and my lingering cough that makes me sound like a smoker when I laugh….well, it just sounds cuter when we imagine me as a puppy instead of me.)

Lord, help all those people forget even seeing me today.  And help me get some Ritalin for tomorrow when I am interacting with a group of women at Bible Study.


One thought on “I Should Not Be Allowed Out of the House

  1. Hilarious, simply hilarious! I love that you sent me this blog. I definitely take it as a compliment that Sam says we are so much alike.

    I can totally relate to this blog. Loved it.

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