Encouraging Little Helpers

I found this handy little magnetic chore chart at Target this summer and, after nearly two months of using it, can officially say that it has been a useful tool!  (I tend to jump on an idea and then fizzle out due to lack of success or just lack of energy).  I used to print little charts off my computer for Annika, but seriously, would always forget to print it at the beginning of the week and then would just skip it altogether.  Call me a loser.  Obviously I’m not the only one; someone had to think of this handy chart and I’ll bet they were as lazy as me!


This chart has been a good motivator for both girls.  My two-year-old makes her bed 4 or 5 days a week because she loves earning a star.  Some of these “chores” have become habits for the four-year-old, such as clearing dishes.  She’ll just take care of her dishes after a meal, go put up a star and then go on to the next thing.  It’s great!

Just today I also figured out that this chart is meaningful enough to actually work as discipline.  Today Annika was incredibly sassy (“I will play with it if I want to”–nice, Annika) and was throwing fits left and right (I know, you’d never guess she was FOUR based on this information–she acts more like a two year old with her fits and a 16 year old with her sass).  On the spot I invented a new consequence: you sass, you disobey, you throw a fit, you lose one star on the chart without a warning.  So you’ll notice on today’s picture that Annika is sadly behind on stars (she has the red stars).  Bad attitude cleared up after about 5 stars were taken down.

Part of the reason the stars mean so much to the girls is because you’ll notice that they earn a reward with so many stars by the end of the week.  Ten stars means they get their $1 allowance (which means I excitedly get to teach them the save 50, spend 40 and give 10 principles!), 15 stars earns a “privilege stick” (a brilliant idea I stole from my sis, see below) and 20 stars gets them a “present” out of a bag of Dollar Section items from Target.

CRW_0217 copy


4 thoughts on “Encouraging Little Helpers

  1. a) I love your pictures
    b) I love that it works as discipline!
    and c) when they get 15 or 20 stars, do they get all 3 privileges — like allowance, stick and treat? Or do they just get that one privilege?
    I love your system, and I love that its working for you — that’s the true test!!

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