Vitamin D and Mercy

That is what is getting me by.  Thus far.

We have experienced a week of the following (I realize that this kind of week has become all too familiar to most families as sickness is going around like a nasty rumor):

  • Fevered children
  • Yucky coughs that are beginning to border on scary (probably only to my momma ears, but still….)
  • Body aches
  • Runny noses
  • A potty-training two-year-old with severe diarrhea
  • A four-year-old puking her brains out all night (which of course requires a lot of mommy and daddy assistance)

All of this and here is only what I have experienced:

  • A low-grade fever that I’m ignoring
  • Body aches that are starting to feel normal (am I really only 32?)
  • Headache that I can ignore if I’m busy enough taking care of my sick and demanding kids
  • Sore throat, nausea, and sore ears, but nothing that makes me even want to pick up the Ibruprofen
  • 7-8 loads of laundry a day
  • Constant disinfecting.  We gotta keep Daddy healthy or we’re really in trouble if there is not a well body in the house!

I say all this because I am usually the person who gets what is going around and gets it bad enough to wish for death at least one day of the illness.  Instead, I feel like my body is effectively fighting off whatever it is that I have.  It makes me wonder, “Do normal people only feel this sick when they’re sick?  ‘Cuz this is nothing, baby!”  But really all I can think about this week is that I am so, so grateful that I am not too sick.  I’m chalking it up to my Vitamin D supplements and the almighty grace of God.  Thank you, Jesus!  And if He is only mercifully keeping the illness at bay so that I can be conquered later, at a better time, I am still grateful.

We’ll see what this afternoon’s doctor’s appointment says about the girls.  We’ve also been exposed to strep this week and post-exposure, both girls had an increase in temperature and nasty breath.  Quite possibly flu-related, but we’ll find out!


One thought on “Vitamin D and Mercy

  1. Oh man Sarah, tough stuff! It is always rough to have sick kids. Lots of prayers that they get well quickly! And you too! And that Dave doesn’t get sick!

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