Mom of the Year

Make that Worst Mom of the Year award….all mine.  Boo!  That is how I feel lately!  I love my kids and I enjoy them, but I confess that I do not love to play with my children.  I’ll read them books or sit down with them to supervise crafts or “preschool”.  I’ll interact with them through out the day as they are playing, I’ll take them on walks or play a 2 minute game of tag.  But play?  Ugh.  I just don’t think I’m the playing type and boy do I feel guilty about it lately!

For starters, Annika has been very play-needy lately.  She has never been like this; she has always played well on her own and has seemingly always enjoyed it.   For the last week, she has begged/demanded that I play with her all day long.  I’ll play for maybe 10 minutes, but then I just can’t take it any longer!  I move on to mommy tasks and it crushes her.  One afternoon she sobbed in the living room because I wouldn’t play with her….I had a little thing called personal finances to work through.  Dave happened upstairs and when she told him why she was crying, he sat and played with her for about 5 minutes.  Then, thank heavens, it was her naptime.

Guilt upon guilt I have built upon myself this week as I have been facebook stalking my friends’ photo albums.  (Is it stalking if they’re my friends?)  One of my friends has all these pictures of her literally on her hands and knees playing silly things with her kids.  Another mom showed a picture of her 5 year-old’s snowman that included vegetables for the face.  No five year-old did that alone.  Blah…I am the most boring and un-fun mom ever!

How do I teach myself to enjoy playing?  Or do I just make myself do it and only inwardly grimace?  If I homeschool my kids, can I hire someone to play with them on a daily basis?


5 thoughts on “Mom of the Year

  1. well, when YOU figure it out…PLEASE PLEASE pass the info on to me as I ALSO hate playing!

    what kinds of things does she want you to play with her?

  2. Is it that we don’t like it, or that we think of ALL the things we could ,SHOULD and would like be doing in our homes. Like, dishes,laundry,dusting,mopping, finances, etc. And when our kids our playing by themselves, it does free us up to do our own thing, which we don’t always have time for. I have to say that as a mother, I didn’t play with you or Bridgit. But I remember Grandma Severidt, sitting by the hour and playing games with you girls. And she never played with me as a child, not even games!!! And now as the grandmother to Annika, I love to play with her, I look forward to that time, because I have all the alone time that I need for myself. I don’t think it makes us a bad mother or the worst mother of the year!!! And you know what Annika may remember, is the fun times you have had with her, like going to the pumpkin patch, going to PS screening, doing those little things with just her. Do you have sad memories of not having a mother play with you? Can you think of a time, when you would have wanted me to play with you, and I didn’t? How did that make you feel. Your answer might just be within you, and how you feel today as an adult, and that moment that your mother didn’t play with you!

  3. As a professional nanny {confidant hair flip} I HATE PLAYING! 🙂 And I get PAID to do it! {you don’t} Things I hate to “play” the most, in no particular order:

    1. Nim’s Island
    2. Tag
    3. Cash Register
    4. School
    5. War
    6. Post Office

    Things I Don’t Completely Despise, in Small Quantities:
    1. Restaurant
    2. Puppy Trainer

    Things That I LOVE to Play:
    1. Jail

    The trick is to play things like Jail, where you get sent to places where you are left alone, preferably with a cushion and a book. It’s SUPER fun. Peace. Quiet. Jail. It’s your only hope…

  4. Ha! Jenni, “cash register” is at the top of my list too! The thing I LOVE to play, when the girls are gentle, is “hair cut” with pretend scissors, but a real brush. Ahhhh.

  5. hahahah I am laughing SOOO hard at Jenni! Of course! I’m always laughing at Jenni 🙂

    I don’t know how to play either! I didn’t play well with Shamar (I did a lot of watching!) and now I don’t play well with Brighton.

    I know he is younger but i wonder if he is starved for attention when everytime I get on the ground with him he comes rushing right over to be with me. Either that or he just really likes me!

    It makes me feel guilty as well…

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