Trial or Inconvenience?

I am in a group of amazing women that is studying the book of Esther.  We are using a Beth Moore study.  Besides watching videos of this amazing woman of God speak each week, we also have daily lessons to do on our own throughout the week.  On one of the days this last week, Beth suggested that often we separate ourselves so greatly from people’s real and urgent needs that we lose touch with reality–particularly God’s reality.  We get so wrapped up in our own little lives within our secluded little bubble that we lose perspective.  We begin to mistakenly take our daily inconveniences and turn them into trials or tribulations.  Oops….I think she might have been talking about me.

In the beginning stages of potty training my two-year-old, I immediately swore to myself that I will not let accidents, dirty underwear, or frequent trips to the bathroom become my trials. (Because I’m sure I did the last time I had to potty train a two-year-old).  This isn’t me being tried, this is me living life–the good, the bad, and the dirty!

I realized that so often I have let inconveniences become trials to me.  Driving all the way to the store (with kids in tow) and realizing I had forgotten my wallet, planning and waiting for an appointment, only to have it cancelled or delayed, sick kids and sleepless nights, a demanding client…..whatever it may be, these things are not trials. They are the ups and downs of life….they are the things that slightly alter my schedule or throw me off for a day or two.  They are life–they may not be the joys of my life, but they are just the details of life.  The little stuff that hardly matters when put in perspective with the things that really are hard.  I’ll tell you what these little inconveniences of mine are not: they are not famine, they are not persecution, they are not a sword at my neck, they are not death or disease, they are not things that produce true suffering.

Certainly a few things in my life and the lives of people close to me have given me perspective on what is true suffering and what is a true trial.  Outside my community and immediate sphere, believers around the world are facing exactly those things I listed above….famine, persecution, the sword, etc.  Do I reach out to those around me that are suffering?  Do I remember to pray for the persecuted church?  Or do I keep pulling myself deeper and deeper into my own little sheltered world where I can forget the hurting?

What are the inconveniences in your life that have morphed into trials?  Beth Moore challenged me in today’s lesson: “I was not called to an easy life.  I was called to a purposeful life.” Ask God to grant you perspective on your life’s inconveniences and be blessed with a purposeful life!


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