(Gasp!) More Than a Mom?

My husband has been encouraging me to join the world of Mommy Bloggers. While I take advantage of and enjoy plenty of mommy blogs, there was something holding me back.  In my mind I know all too well that mothering takes up a huge part of my daily thoughts, worries, and prayers.  Raising children, especially raising Godly children, is a huge responsibility that half of the time I feel like I can hardly do well.  I appreciate connecting with other parents and relating to one another’s struggles and finding ways to encourage one another or advise one another.  But blogging about it?  All the time?  Something was holding me back….

Today I realized what it was.  While I absolutely feel called to be a mom and since my children are young and this “calling” takes up a huge portion of my time and life, there is still way down deep under that layer of mommy skin……ME!  If anything, I need a blog to express the part of me that is often pushed to the side to care for my children or to relate to the people who are a part of my mommy world.  So while I’ll probably write plenty about being a wife and mother, I don’t want to be limited to just a Mommy Blog format.  I want to share my heart, my struggles, my joys, and hopefully I can share a bit of the mercy that God has shown me.

And if you want to see or read more about my cutie-patooties, go to my family blog.


5 thoughts on “(Gasp!) More Than a Mom?

  1. Sarah,

    I so love your new blog. I will be reading this faithfully. I have learned so much from you and have always looked up to you. You are such a kind and beautiful person inside and out and you are such a blessing to Dave the girls, and everyone else. I appreciate your sharing of joys and struggles. We all experience them right? Thank God that He is Always there for us in whatever we’re going through. By the way, I’m here too 🙂 Love ya lots and hope to catch up with you soon!

  2. Hey, Sarah, first I love your title and your picture. How adorable. You have so much talent, that i marvel at all that you can do. Because so much of it, is not from your mom, but from deep inside of you. I am so proud to be your Mom, and I love you dearly. Look forward to YOUR struggles, your joys, your heart, and the mercy that God has given you. Love you Mom

  3. So glad you decided to start this new blog. I am so excited to read more about you, your parenting, and your spirituality. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Sarah! This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing. I am so excited to go through this life knowing you and learning from you. Our Heavenly Father has this amazing master plan for each one of us women and I am thrilled to grow spiritually with you in this journey of blogging. I have you on my “Best Blog” list and will be praying for you as you grow closer to our Great God. Thank you for your insight, honesty and zeal for life. I just love you!

    Oh! And I love that mother of yours too. She is so much like my momma.

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